Today I’d like to introduce an open-source software project I have been working on named Devito.

Devito is a URL-shortener that comes out-of-the-box ready for deployment to Gigalixir. What makes Devito special is that it is designed to work with it’s own CLI. No browser plugins. No web-app. Everything you need is accessible right through your terminal.

Devito loves Elixir

Devito ❤️ Elixir

The Interface

All actions for Devito can be performed through the CLI, and that is the recommended interface. After setting your configs, you will mostly want to generate links or see existing links. Here is what that looks like: Sample Code

setting the config

Sample Code

generating a link with a random shortcode

Sample Code

generating a link with a custom shortcode

Sample Code

Viewing all existing links

Why Gigalixir?

Gigalixir is a hosting service designed for Elixir. They offer a service free tier that fits this project well, and generally, the product is easy to work with. Having said that, deployment is based on buildpacks, so it should be easy to deploy Devito to Heroku or a similar service without much extra effort.

Why a CLI?

Devito is designed for developers. While other shorteners use browser plugins, I never found them ergonomic. They require signing in periodically, and sometimes the plugins are available for your browser and sometimes not. And it takes 2 or more steps to make a custom link.

Try It Out

I’d love for you to try it out and let me know what you think. Visit to get started.