About Super Simple

Super Simple is dedicated to offering open-source PHP and MySQL scripts that are easier to use than the alternatives.

While lots of other open-source products offer robust, complicated solutions, Super Simple builds scripts that are easy to install, use and modify.

You are encouraged to checkout Super Simple on GitHub and BitBucket.

Super Simple Contact Form Maker

Do you need a contact form for your site? Well, you are in luck. Now you can make your own PHP contact form the super simple way.

This form-maker allows you to choose your fields, choose your labels and add validation - just a few clicks away.

The script outputs your custom PHP in a text file so that you can make any changes that you want and host it on your server.

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Super Simple Blog Script

Sorry - This software has become too stale and will no longer be offered until I can push an entirely new version.

Super Simple Flash Detect Script

The Super Simple Flash Detect Script is our most popular offering that isn't written in PHP. In fact, it does not run any server-side code at all. It is a javascript/vb script solution that will detect the users flash version and redirect them if necessary.

To install this script, you just need to download the .js files, and include them in any web page that you want to check the users flash version.

Setup is easy - just set the flash version you require and where to send the user if they do not have the right flash version.

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Super Simple has just launched a new script, FlickrHelpr. The script allows you to easily display your Flickr photo sets on your own site.

There is some nifty AJAX and JS involved which makes your gallery work in a slick way.

Go to Flickrhelpr to check out an example and download the script.

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Super Simple Image Tiles

Super Simple Image Tiles is a new way to prevent your images from easily being downloaded/copied/hotlinked.

It is a very simple to install script that will automagically turn your fine images into a group of small tiles, making it much more difficult to hotlink or download.

To see an example, click the learn more button.

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Super Simple Time Ago

The Super Simple Time Ago function is an easy way to convert your timestamps to relative time.

This is 2 simple functions that will convert your time or date to "Twitter Time". So, instead of showing "05/01/2010", you can display "About 4 days ago". This sort of human-readable relative way of showing time is becoming more and more common around the interwebs.

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Super Simple Query Parser Script

The Super Simple Query Parser Script is a simple way to access query-string variables without the use of back-end technologies.

This script is made of only 1 javascript file, that calls itself on page load, and converts all of the query information that is in your URL into an associative array.

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Super Simple Form Events

The Super Simple Form Events Script is a simple way to add labels to your form elements.

This script is made of only 1 file, that calls itself on page load, and sets the default value of text inputs. When the user focuses on the element, the value goes away. If they lose focus and left the input empty, the default value reappears.

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Super Simple Infield Hints

The simple way to add beautiful hints to your form inputs.

This script is made of only 1 javascript file that sets the hint based on the value of the input attribute: placeholder.

You need to see it to understand what is is all about.

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Super Simple Color Picker

The simple way to add a hex color picker to your form.

The script is written as a Jquery plug-in, and has a very small footprint.

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Super Simple is operated by Todd Resudek - TR1 Design.

To contact, please send an email to:

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